Solidarity & Volunteer Tourism in Ukraine – make a positive impact!

Solidarity & Volunteer tourism is a gateway to respond to the challenges of tourism in Ukraine in turbulence from covid to war.  This movement already started as an initiative of resistance. People travel to Ukraine even now to help the locals. Travelers have the power to transform society, to transform it through their choices.

Solidarity is an important social value that unites the people and nations. Solidarity and empathy of the world helps Ukraine to resist now, and to rebuild our country through this form of meaningful tourism.

Plan it now – be prepared to visit Ukraine as the next trendy destination soon after our Victory.

Tourism can also help to restore the country through rethinking its role with value of solidarity: personalization, parity, mutual cultural enrichment.

Explore Ukraine, an open and modern European country. You will fall in love with our beautiful country. And while travelling you can contribute to rebuilding Ukraine.

Tourism can be an authentic and beneficial development tool that helps local communities, affected by war, to restore normal way of life. But only through ethical codex, as Ukrainian people are going through very painful experiences now. Ukraine can use the hand of a friend, but in a very gentle way. And this is what solidarity tourism is aimed for.

Solidarity & Volunteer tourism

  • brings real help to communities, suffered from war
  • protects Cultural Heritage
  • memorializes the national memory of the war
  • works as a tool of informational resistance as travelers can see the truth
  • helps to recover economics of the country

During your trip you can visit territories, which were affected by war and became examples of resistance. You can meet unbreakable people. You can feel the bravery. By your visit you can make a positive impact as soon as it will be as be safe to travel again.

For your visit we can offer you different experiences in solidarity tourism. There are several itineraries in Kyiv region, other regions will be involved too. Solidarity and volunteer tourism can include different help from one day to several months. Individual trips and corporate groups – the solidarity part can be included in every trip.  Even just by visiting a tourist location or restaurant that has been destroyed, you are helping them rebuild their business.

On such a journey you will meet extraordinary people from the tourism and service industry, small craft products producers, who have cooked meals in their restaurants for warriors, set up shelters in their venues, warmed people during complete black outs, baked and distributed bread during the occupation, made concerts in the ruins, set up volunteer centers and become a light to their communities in dark times.  Support this light – come to Ukraine!

Make a responsible choice, while traveling. Plan Ukraine as your next destination as soon as it is safe. Be part of our Victory!

We are thankful to tourism community for all support to Ukraine!

Together we are the power, which can change the world for better!

Photos provided by

  • Valeria Bondarenko, ГС «Відлуння руйнації»

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