A year ago this territory was deoccupied and it became possible to see all ruinations and damage here, in this landscape park and in village Motyzhin, where it is located. There were awful days, but thousands of tulips, planted in autumn before war, started to bloom, near the ruins. Life won.

So here in Ukraine, we continue to create a better future, daily.

During solidarity action, we all together:

  • planted aromatic herbs and learnt a lot about dozens of different herbs. presented pots with plants to citizents of Motyzhin village to plant near the school
  • made master-class of Petrykivka painting
  • donated tournaments to military unit of Armed Forces of Uktaine
  • tasted borsch with these herbs
  • enjoyed aromatic herb tea

Both cooked at field kitchen, donated to Armed Forces of Ukraine

  • enjoyed special concert

And, of course, made tons of pictures 🙂

#Ukraine is so beautiful  in May !

And each second we remember that there are lot of cities and territories, where russians left nothing.  But we know, what we are fighting for. For our better FREE future to live on our own.

Join us for future solidarity events in Ukraine