We cannot do this without you

Most international and big local companies have certain CSR. Some of these companies are your clients. Every year at this time, corporate clients plan their budgets for next year, including budgets for marketing, incentives and CSR. Also quite often in November-December corporate clients face the issue that they need to spend leftovers of this year’s budgets right now as next year is usually planned according to expenditures of the current year.
How about to spend it to help Ukraine? We have already successful case with our B2B partners.

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Trusted funds for donations


Armed Forces of Ukraine shows colossal bravery, motivation and professional skills in defending territory of Ukraine.  Trust of all Ukrainians in our Armed Forces is incredibly high, but they need lot of resources for their great work. Help our Army to defend Ukraine and end this war.


UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine V.Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.
Funds will be transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by assigned ministries to cover the most pressing need


“Come Back Alive” is  a Charity Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, their goal has been to make the Defense Forces more efficient, save the lives of the military and systematically counter the enemy. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in February 2022, they have multiplied their military assistance and supported the defenders of Ukraine, who have changed their everyday lives and joined the line of defense.

Since the start of the war, the Charity foundations, aimed for help to children and animals, are highly underfinanced, because lot of people changed directions of their regular donations for military. If you are focused on humanitarian needs, please, choose, one of these funds:



The first and largest fundraising platform in Ukraine for online charity, an effective and modern tool for raising funds for charitable and social projects of any direction



Together with Association of Incoming Tour Operators we take part in organizing rehabilitation camps for Ukrainian children from occupied and dangerous regions of Ukraine and children of Ukrainian warriors. These are most vulnerable categories and they need rehabilitation at most as these children were extremely influenced both mentally and physically by war.



Humanitarian Fund from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

for charity contributions from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ministry of Social Policy will channel the raised funds to support Ukraine’s citizens severely affected by the war.

Volunteer organization of paramedics.
Direction of work: combat medicine.
Help those who need it most on the front line every day.





The humanitarian movement UAnimals. Since the beginning of the full scale war Fund actively help animals within war zones: evacuate, provide feed and medicines for shelters, rebuilding animal shelters

SOS Animals Ukraine
Society of the Protection Animals working 27 years


Our director Marina Antonyuk will explain the idea

in Zoom Meetings and make Q&A sessions

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Tuesday, 22NOV

10.30 Europe time
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility NOW


Our core business is incoming tourism to Ukraine.
We’ve always paid a lot of efforts to promote Ukraine as a great touristic destination. Bu now, due to the war in Ukraine,
we are focused on volunteering and social needs:

  • as a board member of the Association of incoming touroperators we take part in organizing rehabilitation camps for Ukrainian children from occupied and dangerous regions of Ukraine and children of Ukrainian warriors
  • we evacuated people from dangerous regions of Ukraine in first months of war together with colleagues from AITO Ukraine
  • we work in volunteer center in Kyiv region
  • we help our clients to bring their humanitarian help to Ukraine
  • we work on development of solidarity & volunteer tourism in Ukraine

We highly appreciate all your support and efforts in helping Ukraine now!
Stand with Ukraine!

The time to rediscover touristic Ukraine will come soon
and we are always here for you