We continue to make solidarity events to support communities in Ukraine to build a better future.

Together with Network of development of Solidarity & Volunteer tourism we visited Yablunivka village in Kyiv region. Here mushroom & hazelnuts farm became a great support center during full-scale war. They delivered 60 tons of mushrooms in first months of war for free to feed warriors and also distributed mushrooms among locals for free.  

Here we participated all together in:

-> preparing and packing ingredients for dry soups for Armed Forces of Ukraine with careful guidance by BeeTa Страви Переможців.
Ingredients, local fresh greens
: parsley, dill, leek were brought by local people from own gardens. Mushrooms from this farm. All together we packed 3500 portions of dry borsch and dry mushroom soup.
-> weaving camouflage nets for the frontline
-> procurement of spring water for the Nikopol community
> purchase of dry feed for animals for a shelter, where some evacuated animals from the Kherson region were placed
-> making a solidarity mural “Yabluniv Volunteer Ark” from an ordinary water tank
-> create Victory angels from straw during art master-class

As a bonus we learned a lot about mushrooms during farm tour and enjoyed outdoor lunch with locally grown products: grilled mushrooms and vegetables, buckwheat with mushrooms and local hazelnuts (never thought about adding nuts to buckwheat before, but it is really great), borsch and local traditional pies (karavai).

Buying services from local craft producers, art masters, small F&B services, you support local communities a lot. And it is very sustainable. Plus it creates great atmosphere, so everyone can relax, recharge and enjoy the moments of life despite of everything. Despite of loud today night, full of explosions. Despite news, full of death. Such moments gives power to move forward. We know, what we are fighting for. For Life, where local  communities live happily together in prosperity, respecting everyone around.