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Think UKRAINE for your next event!

UKRAINE: is it worth to visit?

Are you looking for new destination for your event?
Try Ukraine! It’s new for most of travellers: everyone heard about Ukraine, but only few have seen

lot of historical places

among them 7 UNESCO World heritage sites
See them!
Ukraine is biggest European country

biggest European country

Ukraine covers 603 549 km2
Explore it!


Ukrainian women are famous for their beauty

beauty of Ukrainian women

famous worldwide
Ukraine is nearby

Ukraine is nearby

just short flight within Europe and you are here
Catch your nearest flight to Ukraine!
There are good hotels in Ukraine

good hotels for your comfort

are already in Ukraine
Collect your hotel points!
Prices in Ukraine are very reasonable

cheapest European country

prices now are really low
due to currency exchange rate.
Use this economical advantage!
Ukrainian authentic cuisine is very tasty

famous authentic cuisine

very tasty
Try it!
Ukrainian folk traditions

folk traditions

are live here
warm welcome for your groups

warm welcome for your groups

Just enjoy it!
Ukrainian cities are beautiful

beautiful cities

are very different and interesting
Visit them!
golden-roof Orthodox churches

amazing golden-roofs

are everywhere in Ukraine
Wonder if they shine in any weather!
Opera house in Odessa

3 famous Opera houses

in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa
Enjoy best Opera performances!
Ukrainian Carpathians

inspiring Carpathians

skiresorts in winter and energy-refill in summer
Breath deeply and recharge your inner battery!
Sinevir lake

different nature landscapes

healthy balneological resorts, forests, sea and mountains
Be closer to the nature!
Opera house in Odessa

medieval castles

all over Ukraine
Travel to the times of knights!

What other travelers say?

I have now been to every capital city in Europe and I can proudly say that Kiev is in my Top 3 favorite Drew Binsky - travel blogger

Out of the ashes of Soviet flames, Ukraine has emerged as one of Eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets: A land of a million places to visit. You could spend months in Ukraine and still not see everything. Enjoy! SnarkyNomad - travel blogger

Come to Ukraine!

Be INSPIRED by its beauty