Seems that’s it’s only days since we all were on the wave of Eurovision Song Contest and voted for favourite songs. Liverpool made an absolute great job, hosting Eurovision-2023 on behalf of Ukraine.
Ukrainian song and participation was very symbolic for us with song “Heart of Steel”, telling the story about Azovstal and Ukraine with global message “Open Your Heart for Ukraine”.

Ukrainian Incentives is very proud to be part of this project of “Brand Ukraine”, which represented Ukraine at Ukrainian village in Liverpool with great activities:
– Interactive installations and photozone with 37000 visitors, willing to know about Ukrainian culture

– tasting Ukrainian traditional dishes, including famous borsch, vareniki and chebureki from Crimean tatars, native people of Crimea
– digital campaigns “Open Your Heart for Ukraine” and “theUnityWave”

We’ve arranged logistical support for Brand Ukraine team and very proud of our cooperation!