Travel around Ukraine by your own car

You miss travelling, like we do?
But scared to travel by flights and other public transport like train and bus?
Or you prefer full personal freedom, planning your itinerary by your own?
So, travelling by car is right option for you!
Especially, if we are neighboring countries

Magic Lviv

From 450 € per person

from Bucharest-798km
from Bratislava-753 km
from Budapest-579 km
from Warsaw-393 km

Vibrant Odessa

From 350 € per person

from Bucharest-581km
from Istanbul-829 km
from Chisinau-195 km
from Sofia-971 km

Relaxing Derenivska Kupil

From 155 € per person

from Bucharest-714 km
from Bratislava-542 km
from Budapest-342 km
from Warsaw-565 km
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All around Ukraine tour


From 495 € per person

Total distance ~2155 km

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We also make special motocycle tours in Ukraine, ask us for details.

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