Quite often question: what are examples of solidarity events
Yesterday, together with lot of colleagues and organizations – members of Network of development of solidarity & volunteer tourism in Ukraine, we planted trees on the embankment of Irpin, town in Kyiv region extremely suffered during 1st month of full-scale war.
It’s very Easter-symbolic – reborn, rebuilt, revive, recover Ukraine.

We planted Guilder rose, which is very symbolic for Ukraine. Kalyna – Ukrainian name for guelder rose. Song about kalyna for us is one of the symbols of resistance of Ukrainians during this war. Therefore, we planted Kalyna’s in Irpin.

Good work at open-air requires good picnic – solidarity with restaurant Nevynnyi Kit, which was completely destroyed during Russian occupation in Irpin. Catering for this picnic is ordered from them – this helps them to restore their business and open it in a new place in same town. 
Borsch with kalyna, pie with kalyna, drinks with kalyna – really tasty and symbolic.

Field kitchen, where borsch was cooked open-air, is part of a solidarity too. Such field kitchens are bought for donations and sent to divisions of Armed Forces of Ukraine. This one was even painted by famous Petrykivka master – again kalyna in this unique Petrykivska style.

So what is solidarity event:
– to see the place and help to restore & reNew it
– to support local communities to restore their businesses and normal way of life
– to enjoy communication with local people
-to involve local suppliers and art-masters
– to be inspired and bring positive mood&energy to create better future
-to start creating this future NOW

We thank Network of Solidairy&Volunteer Tourism development in Ukraine and ALL people&organizations, took part in organization of this event.

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