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Ukrainian Cultural experience
video master-class
Samchykivskiy painting style

Samchykivka is unique painting style, originates from Samchyki village from Khmelnitskiy region in Ukraine. Few years ago only 4 elderly masters left in this village and Samchykivskiy painting style was about to disappear. Now, with great efforts of UA Maze and Ukrainian Cultural foundation, more masters learned this style and created school of Samchyki technique. So now Samchykivka painting style is reviving. And when you learn it, more people in the world will remember about this unique bright style.

In this master-class by Yana Vlasenko-Bernatska you will learn peculiarities of this style and create bright picture by yourself. And later you can continue with online master-classes with masters or during your art-tour to Samchyki village.

During this master-class you will

  • learn unique Ukrainian style of painting
  • create bright Samchykivka painting by yourself
  • relax as painting is great anti-stress and Art-therapy
  • decorate any objects you like and plan your next travel to Ukraine
  • enjoy creative process

Ready for your Art break?

Here is your online lesson of painting fox in Samchykivka style

For this master-class you will need:

– paints (5-6 colours)
– paints palette to mix them
– paint brush
– pencil and eraser
– Inspiration

If you want to get Ukrainian version of video, please click: video

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Ukrainian Cultural Experience!

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