UKRAINE: is it worth to visit?

UI_kvadrat a lot of historical places to see, among them 7 UNESCO World heritage sites
UI_kvadrat biggest European country
UI_kvadrat cheapest European country now
UI_kvadrat Ukraine is nearby: just short flight within Europe and you are here
UI_kvadrat beautiful women
UI_kvadrat famous authentic cuisine
UI_kvadrat folk traditions
beautiful cities
UI_kvadrat amazing golden-roof Orthodox churches are everywhere here
UI_kvadrat different nature landscapes, healthy balneological resorts, forests, sea and mountains
UI_kvadrat inspiring Carpathians: ski-resorts in winter and energy-refill in summer
UI_kvadrat medieval castles all over the country
UI_kvadrat good hotels are already in Ukraine for your comfort travel
UI_kvadrat lot of cool night clubs
UI_kvadrat new destination – everyone heard about Ukraine, but only few have seen

Come to Ukraine for inspiration!

Drew Binsky – travel blogger:
“I have now been to every capital city in Europe and I can proudly say that Kiev is in my Top 3 favorite”