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We invite you to visit Opera houses of Ukraine:

inspiring Lviv Opera

inspiring Lviv Opera

performance at Lviv Opera House

Lviv Opera House

Lviv Opera House inside

Lviv Opera House

Aida at Lviv Opera

Gypsi Baron at Lviv Opera

Natalka Poltavka at Lviv Opera

Ballet at Lviv Opera House

famous Odessa Opera

famous Odessa Opera

Swan Lake at Odessa Opera

inside of Odessa Opera House

Odessa Opera House inside

Odessa Opera House inside

Odessa Opera House

Turandon at Odessa Opera

Seville Barberer at Odessa Opera

Carmen at Odessa Opera

exciting Kyiv Opera

exciting Kyiv Opera

Nabucco at Kyiv Opera

inside of Kyiv Opera House

Batterfly at Kyiv Opera

inside of Kyiv Opera House

Kyiv Opera House

Kyiv Opera House

Great possibility to discover Opera in Ukraine:

cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png amazing Opera performances 
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png backstage tours
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png acquaintance with most important and interesting Ukrainian cities: historical Kyiv, cultural Lviv, famous Odessa on Black sea coast

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cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png visit the opera in Odessa, Lviv and Kiev
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What other travelers say?

I heard that it is supposed to be good, but this was breathtaking. I watched Karmen suite and Sheherezade from the first row, balcony (tickets bought a month ahead, 1000 grivni each). Although it was hot outside, the opera was airconditioned . The ballet was more than I ever expected: choreography and dancing. Wow!!!
Visited Kyiv Opera house in 2016

Admire this place !
Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet is one of the places you must go and visit. try to get ticket for the show so you can enjoy the performance of great singers and dancers.
Visited Lviv Opera House in July 2016

Don’t miss a chance to visit
A beautiful opera house and a great place to experience. The ballet Swan Lake was wonderful to experience and the place was packed. I would recommend looking for performances ahead of time and buying tickets online. I looked a month before my trip and the performance was almost sold out at that time.
Really, you should not miss a chance to experience this place.
Visited Kyiv Opera House in March 2016

The most beautiful in Europe. Must seen!
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater – the first theater in Odessa at the time of construction, value and popularity. In the theater conducted Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov,sang Fyodor Chaliapin, Salome Krushelnytska, Leonid Sobinov, danced Anna Pavlova and Isadora Duncan. The interior of the theater is festive and elegant. The theatre is designed in the style of the late French “rococo”. It is luxuriously decorated by various molded ornaments with fine gold. Ceiling is decorated with four paintings of the artist Lefler in the form of medallions. They depict scenes from the plays of Shakespeare, “Hamlet”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Winter’s Tale” and “As You Like It.” At the heart of ceiling – a large crystal chandelier. After his first visit to the theater Fedor Chaliapin wrote to his wife: “… I was in the theater and came to the wild delight of the beauty of the theater. I had never seen anything more beautiful “.
Visited Odessa Opera House in August 2016

Lviv Opera – not only East European Jewel
we have visited this Opera House with a group of 12 people. Practically the best “Loga seats” cost 200 grivna, ca 8 USD !!!!
The buidling and the main Vestibul Hall with impressive stairs is a masterpiece itself. On the first floor, the so called Mirros Hall is amazingbig room ( 35 x 7,5 m), with spectacular ceiling. The Audience with 4 floors completes the superb impression, and builds a must visit item in the Lviv Programme.
Visited Lviv Opera House in April 2016

Fascinating experience to visit
Went to see a ballet called Le Corsaire (The Pirate). 250 Grivna for a seat on the 1st balcony, right in the middle with a great oversight. As with many things in Lviv it is as if you are stepping in a time machine and go a hundred years back, Though there are technical innovations such as the use of transparent curtains that dramatically change the atmosphere. 1856 saw the first performance of Le Corsaire in the Paris Opera and this one in 2016 was another high quality one in a long European tradition. Striking is that the audience is much younger here than in Western Europe. Classical ballet in Lviv is still cherished by large audiences. Recommended.
Visited Lviv Opera House in September 2016

Elegance Defined
The opera house is beautifully maintained is elegant beyond my photos. The ballet of Don Quixote was excellent. Even though we got last minute tickets in the upper tier balcony it was perfect. Don’t miss a night hear whatever is playing you will enjoy it. Of course I have a Ukrainian friend and was her guest so it made it doubly enjoyable.
Visited Kyiv Opera House in January 2016

Beautiful atmosphere
While visiting friends in Ukraine, I was treated to an evening at the opera. We watched The Barber of Seville. Interestingly enough it was performed in Italian and Ukrainian subtitles were provided. The theater is a sight to behold starting with the first step inside. The stairway is an ideal spot for a photo op! What a treat to experience an opera with a full orchestra in an absolutely gorgeous theater! Please note, the tickets are very economical as well!
Visited Odessa Opera House in August 2015

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