We are small, but bright!

Our employeKM 3es have experience of 22 years in business-travel and 18 years in MICE. We arranged hundreds of events for corporate clients both in Ukraine and abroad. So we know by our own experience what event-planner expects from DMC. And we are here to meet your expectations.

Most of travel agencies in Ukraine arrange services for all type of clients: FITs, travel-agents and companies. Such approach does not allow to take care about smallest details, but, you know, details are very important in MICE-events. Therefore we took MICE-professionals and set-up new company with new energy, specializing only in MICE-events.

We will help you, event-organizer, on spot, here in Ukraine. We provide you different ideas to plan your special tailor-made event, we advise how to optimize your budget and work out best solution for you. We book all chosen services and double-checking chosen locations carefully to justify that everything meets your corporate politics. We coordinate work of all local suppliers during your event. We meet hotel staff and technicians, order flowers, producing menus and polygraph products, local souvenirs with your logo as presents to your event participants and all other smallest details to ensure that nothing left to chance.

We are here to help to reach your event purposes!

We are:

UI_kvadrat experienced in MICE (more than 10 years)
UI_kvadrat located in Ukraine: local experts
UI_kvadrat creative and full of ideas
UI_kvadrat energetic
UI_kvadrat reliable


We are doing:

UI_kvadrat tailor-made programs
UI_kvadrat full assistance
UI_kvadrat personalized attitude
UI_kvadrat control of your budget
UI_kvadrat warm welcome for you and your groups
UI_kvadrat complete package of services in Ukraine

We are providing:

UI_kvadrat modern accommodation facilities
UI_kvadrat conference packages
UI_kvadrat dining
UI_kvadrat transportation
UI_kvadrat events in unique venues
UI_kvadrat team-building
UI_kvadrat folk and modern entertainment
UI_kvadrat sightseeing and all kind of tours with multilingual guides


in our beautiful and very different cities

Kyiv, Ukraine

exciting Kyiv

Odessa, Ukraine

vibrant Odessa

Lviv, Ukraine

inspiring Lviv

and all around our beautiful Ukraine

Ukrainian Carpathians

in magic Carparpathian mountains

Black Sea, Ukraine

at Black Sea


 We are winners of World Travel Award 2020 and 2021 as Ukraine’s Leading Destination management company

Winner of Kyiv Food Travel Award 2021 as Best Travel Agency in Gastronomical Tourism

In past years we received Certificates of best practice of providing Safe Travels Global Initiative, recognition about significant contribution to the development of tourism in Kyiv.

We are members of Beyond Limits Boutique agencies collective, which  was awarded the Best Boutique Travel Experts 2022 Award  from Business European Enterprise, based on every partner excellence.