Wine & Taste Route of
Ukrainian Bessarabia

Down to the South, Ukrainian Bessarabia offers fantastic authentic locations for eno-gastro-tourism with delicious dishes, mainly made of lamb, goat and sheep cheese, fresh vegetables and …grape 🍇 which is growing here.

Follow Bessarabian Route of Sun, Wine, Taste and Authentic traditions. Bessarabia is cultural mix of many cultures, living here: Ukrainian, Moldavian, Bulgarian…here you can find villages of 92 nations. And you can try here so many

We prepared several itineraries, depending on how much time you have:

Gastro-week-end in Bessarabia

just for week-end (1-2 nights)

Try a little of Bessarabia and return later
for longer gastro-tour

Wine & Taste Tour in Bessarabia

for a week (6 nights / 7 days)

Visit all best locations in Bessarabia and
enjoy slow gastronomical experience

during your travel in Bessarabia you will

Learn professional winetasting methods
and taste…taste…taste!

Discover different Ukrainian wineries:
classic with cellars, small family households,  even big wine factory

Taste wines from autochthonous sorts of grape, growing only in Ukraine

Pick grapes at vineyard
and make wine
by your own legs
(during special season only)

Make bread by yourself in the house of Bessarabian family

Try new Bessarabian traditional dishes

Participate in

Visit craft-cheese factory and taste in cheese cellar

Meet the sun in steppe and see sheeps and other village animals

Experience authentic  traditions

Enjoy folk songs

Participate in folk traditions: sing and dance traditional way

Booth your Instagram by hundreds of photos

Meet sunset at vineyards

Visit places with great view

And drink, taste, enjoy the life!

You can make your gastro-tour even more special if you travel together with

Famous gastro-blogger

for very interesting networking

Ethno photographer

for your fantastic photoshooting

Professor of enology

for learning how to taste wines professionally

Video-operator .

for making your memories special

Contact us for details:

Ukrainian Bessarabia is waiting for you!