Most of latest trends and forecasts show vast growing popularity of virtual events. But despite virtual events have number of 100% benefits like low cost and unlimited number of participants, we still think that live travel is valued more as it gives people more inspiration and more motivation for new achievements.


Seems, HR and marketers should use both virtual and live events for different goals, sometimes even together to multiply benefits. For example, great to have live translations from corporate conference with important content aimed for wide-spreading. Through translation lot of potential clients and customers may see your professional content and may want to be there for next live conference.

But as for encouraging employees and partners, live incentive trips will definitely beat any type of virtual, what do you think? Incentive travel justifies its incentive goals and gives good ROI at the end. By-the-way, Ukraine is perfect destination for live event like corporate conference and incentive trip.


Here we had a look on benefits of both virtual and live events through famous in psychology wheel of life. We hope, you will also find interesting our look at this sphere:


and what do you think about future of live events? Write in comments!