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We hope that you are in love with MICE as we are here in Ukrainian Incentives.

We both know that


is perfect instrument to:

 Motivate Inspire Connect Emotionally

your employees, partners and key clients with your brand and product. That’s really working! You know 🙂
When event is good, attendees become more
Motivated for their work with you, Improve their performance, Catch new ideas, Engaged in partnership with you on new level.

So, Keep Calm and MICE it Up!

Now when we know that
we have same goals with you:
to make best inspirational MICE-events

Let’s get to know each other a little bit closer:


We are Destination Management Company for Ukraine.  

We know all process from inside as our team-members have rich and diversified experience while working for international business-travel agency, airline, airport and conference hotels. We worked with lot of international corporate clients in Ukraine and lot of partner agencies abroad. Our international experience allows us to understand all needs and requirements of international Event Planners. We know exactly, what you expect from DMC.

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