Nowadays we are focused on volunteering and social needs.

As board member of Associaion we actively support this initiative and fundraising for rehabilitation camps for Ukrainian children.
It is easy to help!

Together with Association of Incoming Tour Operators we take part in organizing rehabilitation camps for Ukrainian children from occupied and dangerous regions of Ukraine and children of Ukrainian warriors. These are most vulnerable categories and they need rehabilitation at most as these children were extremely influenced both mentally and physically by war.

Children – future of the nation, therefore we decided to put our attention and efforts to this humanitarian task and to use our tourism skills for organizing such camps, where children can safely relax at least a week or two in friendly atmosphere in beautiful places, visiting touristic sights, walking at the nature, passing quests, playing  safely under professional guidance of teachers and psychologists.

This project is initiated by us, members of the Association of Incoming tour operators of Ukraine, and is fully financed by charity donations.

How to support this project:
– if you are hotel or resort in Ukraine or abroad and you can provide free or really discounted accommodation
– if you are working for a fund, which can support this project
– if you know such a fund and can share a contact
– by donating Important: payments should be indicated “charity donation”

Besides the very important goal of rehabilitating children, the project is also extremely important for the tourism community. Kids camps project also supports tourism industry of Ukraine, which is significantly suffering now too.

Ukrainian tourism is paused now. And, of course, we believe in its revival just after our Victory.
But in order to re-start tourism industry immediately after the Victory, support is needed now.

Camps include accommodation, meals, trainings and some sightseeing, so it means some hotels, guides, museums will get some turnover to survive as business during these hard times.
It is critical to support all the stakeholders of Ukrainian tourism industry, and, most importantly, to keep professional personnel in the industry.

Therefore, our initiative with the organization of camps in Ukraine is also a support of the tourist community, both financially and psychologically.

We highly appreciate your efforts in helping Ukraine now!