Yes, most of the people (like we do) come to online #conference for helpful content only.
But what if this is your internal  event or seminar and you need to bring people close together.


-> different virtual rooms for professional #communication only,

where you can communicate and listen to main session simultaneously) : digital-bar, VIP-rooms (also for tickets with different access), speakers-lounges 

-> #P2P format and specially dedicated time for meet-up and acquaintance.  

How to arrange this?
For example, participants can tick special button on the event web-page  or in chat-bot and separate P2P room created, where they can some other participants and make “intro”.

-> #ChatRoulette

drawn at random participants introduce themselves and communicate several minutes in separate mini-chats.  

-> use #gamification for networking:

For example:
– announce prizes for best pictures, best stories, best reference, best selfie together during this event (yes-yes, this is also possible already)
– advertise content in closed rooms: VIP-room
– offer wine vouchers of famous wine-shops (and food delivery too) at digital-bars
– offers prizes and prize draw speakers-lounges 

-> create your own ideas and opportunities, connected to your business for your best ever #corporate online-event!

How to enhance your Online #Event: read in our previous posts and also at

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