Cultural diplomacy.   Proud to be Ukrainian co-organizer of this charity project in Japan. 1st in series of cultural charity exhibitions “100 motanka’s for Peace” in Japan just finished. More to come. 

We are extremely thankful to Ms.Anna Inoue from Japan, who initiated and fulfilled this project. She is main engine and soul of it.

Project includes several exhibitions, master-classes for cultural exchange: making motanka’s in Japan and making origami in Ukraine, master-classes as art-therapy for children in shelters for temporary Ukrainian refugee and charity fundraising for Ukrainian children. 

We highly appreciate of contribution of all people, supported the project, especially all the masters, who provided their master-pieces.

On the way we met fantastic people with their moving stories, how they make motanka’s during 1st days and weeks of war, how they made master-classes in metro, which was/is bomb-shelter for families, who lived there in 1st week’s of war. It was both heartbreaking and inspiring. We learned a lot about motanka’s and happy about this cultural wave. 

They do impressive things with really powerful messages, including beautiful projects like map of Ukraine with motanka’s and important about the history: “War chronicles by dolls”, “Story of Crimean Tatars”, “Unborn babies: story of Holodomor (huge artificial famine in Ukraine, made by soviets), really powerful things. We recommend you to visit these exhibitions in Ukraine or organize such exhibition in your country. 
We will be happy to assist you to arrange cultural exhibitions in your country.

More about this project here: 100-motankas-for-piece | Ukrainian Art-experience (

Photo: dolls provided by masters, which participate in this charity project