Winter ideas for MICE-groups in Ukraine

Winter in Ukraine is cold, often snowy and frosty. But  it is also nice time for MICE-events with both outdoor and indoor activities.
Here is just short list of ideas for winter season (and, of course, we have more ideas in the pocket 😉  

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Changes in Ukrainian VISA process

Positive changes in
Ukrainian visa process

since 17.04.17 Citizens of following countries can get short-term single-entry visa on arrival in Kyiv (KBP and IEV) and Odessa airports:

Visa on arrival

Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, China (PRC), Dominica (the Commonwealth), El Salvador, Guatemala, Grenada, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia (FSM), New Zealand, Oman, Palau, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Samoa, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Timor Leshte, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates in case of presenting the documents proving the tourist or business purpose.
We will gladly send you list of required documents, contact us:

More details at: 

Important to know about visa at airport:

-> application form must be completed online in advance:  otherwise it will take much longer
-> maximum term of visa on arrival is 15 days with single entry (if you need longer visa, you need to pre-arrange it at Embassy)
-> visa is more expensive than pre-arranged visa at Embassy (105$ vs 65$)
-> it takes time (despite it’s no queue and visa point is working 24/7), so don’t plan urgent services or airplane short connections

Anyway it’s much easier that it was before for citizens of many nationalities.

No queues at airport visa point:

Main changes in visa rules are:

  1. online application via official web-site:
  2. quicker visa processing: 10 working days (instead 21 days as it was before) , urgent visas – 5 working days
  3. pre-arranged visa cost reduced to 65 USD (at Embassies of Ukraine)
  4. invitation can be issued by any officially registered Ukrainian company on their official paper and/or by private person via official notary (instead of invitation issued by governmental immigration service for 3 weeks)
  5. documents for visa can be applied personally, by dedicated representative person or sending by post;
  6. personal interview can be made via remote communication services, which allow for the visual identification of the applicant.

Please, contact Embassy of Ukraine in your country for more detailed information

So now it’s much easier to get to Ukraine. Our beautiful destination has lot to offer to travelers just ask us for ideas and itineraries!

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Virtual vs Live events

Most of latest trends and forecasts show vast growing popularity of virtual events. But despite virtual events have number of 100% benefits like low cost and unlimited number of participants, we still think that live travel is valued more as it gives people more inspiration and more motivation for new achievements.


Seems, HR and marketers should use both virtual and live events for different goals, sometimes even together to multiply benefits. For example, great to have live translations from corporate conference with important content aimed for wide-spreading. Through translation lot of potential clients and customers may see your professional content and may want to be there for next live conference.

But as for encouraging employees and partners, live incentive trips will definitely beat any type of virtual, what do you think? Incentive travel justifies its incentive goals and gives good ROI at the end. By-the-way, Ukraine is perfect destination for live event like corporate conference and incentive trip.


Here we had a look on benefits of both virtual and live events through famous in psychology wheel of life. We hope, you will also find interesting our look at this sphere:


and what do you think about future of live events? Write in comments!

How to encourage event participants to share more photos?

Photo-tours in Ukraine

Photo-tours during your event in Ukraine

How to encourage people to share lot of pictures from your event in social media?

One of the ideas is to Make a photo-tour for your participants with professional photographer(s) in two formats:

cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.pngphotoshooting: make lot of cool pictures in few best locations, open people’s beauty
People  love to get cool professional photos, where they look fantastic in amazing place.
This is especially actual for women groups 😉

cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.pngphotolessons: learn people to make cool pictures themselves, open professional secrets
People like to get knew knowledge, master-classes (when professional photographer teaches, how to make great pictures yourself) are always have a success.

And at the end you can present them branded photobook with bright memories

Photo-tours in Ukraine

Ukraine is so beautiful and different!
So many cool locations for bright photoshooting here:

cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png cities with historical buildings and cafes, famous golden Orthodox roofs, parks and gardens
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png natural landscapes with mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, dunes and sea
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png romantic or adventure, business-style or casual – lot of possibilities


What if to make photo-tour instead of standard sightseeing or even sunrise for some early birds? Some participants may suffer from jetleg and will wake up very early – turn this into positive experience – sunrise photo-tour, but make it closer to hotel for attendees convenience.

Come to Ukraine!

Come to Ukraine
Take great pictures, share them and

boost your brand awareness!

Photo-tours in Ukraine

How to Choose the Right Event Management Company?

That is always very important issue: How to Choose the Right Event Management Company?

3-minute read: helpful article

Very shortly:
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png Ask for free Price Quotations
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png Review their Work, check-out quotation and suggested local suppliers
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png Ask for References
cropped-UI_kvadrat-1.png Evaluate, think, decide, and always remember

We agree with this author Shalu Bhatti – work speaks!


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